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WebEOC V8 Webinar


What's new in WebEOC v8


WebEOC 8 was the largest WebEOC release ever. With 8.0, nearly every aspect of the WebEOC application has been updated to a new, modern user interface and the accompanying workflows offer an enhanced user experience. Other new features include:

New Control Panel offering:

  • Status boards now open in a tabbed interface or can be opened in new windows as desired.
  • Tabs are remembered based on the user’s position for quick access to critical information even when working in multiple roles.
  • New home page displays system-wide messages allowing system administrators to communicate critical information to users.
  • System notifications have been improved and now received notifications appear on the home page.
  • Tabs and boards indicate when new information is added so users can monitor for new information with ease.
  • The experience on mobile devices has been improved.

Administration improvements include:

  • Updated user interface for optimum user experience in all areas of administration.
  • Improved reports generated by Reporter.
  • Streamlined board builder views.
  • New Active/Inactive Incidents feature.


Board, Tool and Plugin improvements include:

A new status boards set that includes the latest board tags, board features, and user experience standards, and are editable by the WebEOC board editor.

Boards include:

  • After Action Review (AAR)
  • Schedule
  • Damage Assessment
  • Event Reporting
  • File Library
  • Checklist
  • Press Releases
  • Resource Request / Task Assignments
  • Road Closures
  • Shelters
  • Sign In/Out
  • Situation Report

Plugins have been updated to the latest user interface standards. Updated plugins include:

  • Checklists
  • File Library
  • Messages
  • MapTac
  • NWS Alerts
  • Sessions (New)}

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