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The Resource Request and Deployment Module (RRDM) provides tools that enable agencies to catalog, request, deploy, and track resources. There are three buttons that provide access to the Inventory, Requests, and Deployments components.   The Requests component displays the requests. The initial view displays the requests assigned to the users position. Users can view and edit comprehensive details about each request. Additionally, users can make requests and deploy resources.

The Deployments component provides users with a detailed view of all of the resources that have been deployed. Users can view, edit, and print deployment information.  The Inventory component provides users with a detailed view of inventory. Users can view, update, add, delete, and map the location of inventory.

Users can also deploy inventory resources from within this component. An import feature allows users to download a template spreadsheet in .CSV format, providing column headings that comply with the Inventory component.  After completing the spreadsheet, users can import the spreadsheet back into the RRDM to update the inventory. Each component provides a report view that allows users to search and filter by various criteria, and print the report. This process is dependent on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the data residing in the RRDM.

Key Features

  • Easily switch between three RRDM windows by clicking the Inventory, Requests, and Deployments buttons.
  • View all the requests that have been placed, basic resource information, request assignments, and the status of the request.
  • View, update, add, edit, delete, import, and map inventory records.
  • Deploy resources.
  • Search and filter in a report view.


Remote Request and Deployment - inventory managementInventory Management


Remote Request and Deploymeny - request managementRequest Management

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