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WebEOC PluginsGraph Reports

The Graph Reports solution entails the engagement of Critchlow services to create pie, bar, or line graphs specific to your organisation's unique requirements. Graphs can be added to existing or new WebEOC® boards that visually represent large sets of board data to communicate a better common operating picture and situational awareness. They are dynamically created as board data is added and updated. This solution makes it simple for WebEOC users to visually track progress and identify trends in data, ultimately assisting key decision makers in making more informed decisions.  

Key Features

  • Present visual board information specific to your organisation's needs quickly and easily.
  • View information in pie, bar, and line graph formats.
  • Deconstruct and view information in many different ways.
  • Associate statuses and colors in the graphic reports to WebEOC lists.
  • Track overall incident progress.

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