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External Content Manager - Email Importer

External Content Manager (ECM) – Email Importer solution automatically imports email messages to particular WebEOC® boards. This helps ensure all relevant information that is communicated via email within your EOC and across your response teams is made available to everyone who needs that information. These messages can be tracked with other incident records in WebEOC.

Email Importer comes with a board that is specifically designed for displaying these communications. You can also configure any board to receive imported emails. The system automatically checks for new emails every five minutes and imports new messages to each appropriate board, ensuring you and your teams have immediate access to new information. 

The import process creates a record for each email message. The HTML formatting of the message can be retained, including all links. In addition, attachments are imported with the message. You can also search for specific messages. The search function checks the subject line, sender, and message fields for the keyword you enter, and displays all relevant messages.

Key Features

  • Set up one or many boards to receive email messages.
  • View summary information for each imported message and search for a specific message.
  • View the details of each message, including links and attachments.
  • Use HTML or plain text format.
  • Define the size limit of imported email attachments.

WebEOC Email Importer

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