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Contacts Manager is a robust tool that allows an organisation to store and access a detailed contacts directory through WebEOC. You can record user details such as phone and office numbers, agency names, physical and email addresses, special notes or comments for the contact, and more.
WebEOC user profiles are automatically added to the Contacts database, and updated as WebEOC users update and maintain their contact profile. Contacts who are not WebEOC users can also be added and maintained in Contacts Manager.

If you also have Messages Manager installed, your contacts are available in Messages Manager and can be used to create notification groups.

Key Features

  • View a list of users who are currently logged in to WebEOC.
  • Export contact data in PDF or Microsoft® Excel® file formats.
  • Create additional data fields as needed.
  • Choose which columns are included in your layout.
  • Mark contacts as shared or private.
  • Search, sort, and filter the list of contacts.


WebEOC Contacts Manager Plugin

WebEOC Contacts Manager Plugin

WebEOC Contacts Manager Plugin Administration

WebEOC Contacts Manager Plugin Administration

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