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WebEOC PluginsBoard Data Manager

The Board Data Manager allows you to add advanced data importing and exporting capabilities to any status board in WebEOC. After this feature is enabled, you can download an XLSX template to organize data for importing. The import fields in the template match the fields from the board and, if you modify the board, WebEOC automatically updates the template. During the import process, WebEOC validates data to ensure it is in the proper format and that required fields are not empty. The tool also provides you with the ability to update existing records using any field as the unique key from the imported data. This allows for quick updating of records in WebEOC when data is maintained in other applications.

The capability to export board data can be enabled on any board to allow users to quickly export the fields from the view to Microsoft® Excel®, or any other spreadsheet program that supports an XLSX format. An advanced exporting feature allows administrators to export all data from any board, including related data and the relationship between tables. This advanced functionality also allows you to import related data while maintaining the relationship of data between multiple tables.

Key Features

  • Export an XLSX template for easy data entry.
  • Import data from any existing XLSX or CSV file.
  • Verify (automatically) that each field contains data in the appropriate format.
  • Import a large data set into WebEOC within seconds.
  • Update or append existing board data.
  • Use any field as a unique key for updating records during import.
  • Add tags to board views for user importing and exporting.
  • Export and import parent and child data when using multiple related tables.
  • Add any missing WebEOC list items during import

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