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WebEOC PluginsActive Users

The WebEOC Active Users add-on shows all users currently logged into the WebEOC system. This simple and informative tool allows you to see all personnel who are working in WebEOC at any given moment and makes their contact information readily available. The Active WebEOC Users add-on displays the following user details: username, position, incident, name, location, phone number, email address, and login time.

Additionally, the WebEOC Active Users tool enables you to see historical login information. WebEOC captures user actions such as logging in, logging out, changing positions, and changing incidents, as well as timestamps for each action. Advanced search options, included with the add-on, allow you to quickly find the information you need

Key Features

  • View all currently logged in users and their contact information.
  • Review historical records of all user actions such as logging in, logging out, changing incidents, and changing positions.
  • Use advanced search options.
  • Export records to a PDF file.
  • Remove old history records that are no longer used before a specified date


WebEOC Active Users

The Active Users Log


WebEOC Active Users - user login history


Active Users - login history

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