Spectrum® Spatial Analyst



Quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

For many organisations, Location Intelligence has become an indispensable component of Business Intelligence.

The Spectrum Spatial Analyst web GIS application combines the power and versatility of Spectrum Spatial, Pitney Bowes' enterprise location intelligence platform, with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings. 

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is ready to go, allowing your team to jump right in and view, share, query and understand critical business and location-based data from the word go.

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Features and Benefits of Spectrum Spatial Analyst


Generate value immediately

SSA is an out of the box, browser-based web GIS application that installs in moments - meaning it's ready to go when you are and designed to deliver rapid ROI.

Its JavaScript API's also offer straightforward customisation and seamless integration with existing applications.


Easily accessible across multiple devices and platforms 

Deliver web mapping, mobile mapping, querying and analytical capabilities to current desktop browsers and all popular mobile touch devices including iOS, Android and Windows.


Rapidly share insights and enrich your customers' experiences

Generate and communicate business insights with key stakeholders.

Share GIS and mapping and location-enabled services with customers and your community via a browser-based interface - improving satisfaction, loyalty and facilitates self-service.


Increase productivity, decrease the burden on your GIS staff

Provide cost-effective access to location insights to all of your employees and executives.

Put the power back in the hands of your business analysts with critical GIS and spatial data information and spatial analysis capabilities.


Scale to support your organisation in a flexible, efficient way

From small start-ups to global organisations, SSA is designed for scalability.

Regardless of your size or needs, you can easily accommodate any number of users as well as complex GIS and spatial datasets and imagery in a reliable, cost-effective way.


Confidence-boosting security

User or role-based access ensures that your users have access only to the information that they have permission for.



Interactive examples

The following examples show how Spectrum Spatial Analyst can be utilised in different industries. Click on the relevant image to view an example.

Provide accurate coverage maps, acquire subscribers and confirm network quality via a 360-degree view of your network.
Pitney Bowes assists councils to deliver improved levels of service whilst decreasing costs by utilising Location Intelligence.
With areas rapidly expanding and developing, it's vital that franchise organisations have an up-to-date view of their territories and customers.
Effective retail banking hinges on your ability to collect, interpret and leverage analytics to promote your business to your market.


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