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IQ Hosted Web Service

The Problem

The cost of poor quality data - incorrect addresses, duplicate entries and incomplete data - is typically underestimated by most organisations.  The reality is that decisions are only as good as the quality of the underlying information, and without accurate and complete client data, you are likely to be facing late payments, sending service personnel to the wrong address, receiving returned mail and many more costly problems.

The Solution

IQ Hosted Web Service™ offers a solution to this problem by allowing real-time address capture, validation, geocoding and data enrichment to existing applications and web sites. The IQ Hosted Web Service™ provides an API that exposes the functionality of IQ Office™ to end-users. A range of address reference files and enrichment data is available via this hosted web service

One of the advantages of a hosted solution is that users will always be accessing the latest data and your IT team do not have to install regular data updates, reducing cost of ownership as well as infrastructure requirements. Payment is by subscription.

Why IQ Hosted Web Service?

  • Rapid implementation
  • Flexible payment schemes to reflect usage
  • Zero user training
  • Zero administration and maintenance

Geocoding and address validation for one organisation...

If you don't have internal GIS expertise, or simply don't want the hassle of installing and maintaining your own in-house address validation and geocoding solution, then IQ Hosted Web Service™ could be for you.

... or many organisations

In addition to working well for a single enterprise, IQ Hosted Web Service™ is ideally suited to multiple entities - for example government agencies, local authorities and others.

Via the hosted service, authorised organisations can access a single centralised geocoding and address validation service, removing the need for duplicated address validation and geocoding software, services and infrastructure at each individual agency, branch or organisation.

Agencies can still use their existing address formats while tapping into the central validation service, which removes the need for redevelopment of existing systems, and facilitates a more rapid roll-out and return-on-investment.

How We Can Help

Call us to discuss more about how address validation and geocoding via IQ Hosted Web Service™ can help your organisation overcomes issues of cost, timely response and delivery, consistency of approach, and complex procurement processes.

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