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    Sharyn Richardson
    Professional Services Manager

    Sharyn is the Professional Services Manager at Critchlow and has been with the company for over 15 years. During her time at Critchlow, she has worked across a wide variety of projects and has an intimate understanding of just how important quality project management, consulting, development, data capture, testing and training is across any project.

    With responsibility for a talented team of Project Managers, Consultants, Developers and Service Delivery Managers, Sharyn is passionate about ensuring Critchlow customers receive the best possible service and that the solutions implemented are something everyone can be proud of.

    While working across many different commercial, non-profit, Central Government and Local Government organisations, Sharyn is a trusted advisor on spatial analysis. She was an integral part of the Ministry of Education’s Student Transport Route Optimiser (STRO) project, which saw Critchlow integrating the Ministry’s transport policy business rules and route optimisation technologies with map rendering, viewing, and reporting capability to form STRO. The Ministry attained massive efficiency gains from the project and now have in place a consistent, robust, and repeatable process for route management.

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      Sharyn Richardson