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WebEOC V8.1 is Here and Enhanced for Your Benefit.

Posted by Caitlin McDougall on 31-May-2016 08:00:00

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The release of WebEOC V8.0 was the biggest and best yet. It wasn't just another version, it was a whole new WebEOC and the feedback we've had from customers about it has been fantastic.

If you haven't yet upgraded, here's why you should. 

But if you're already basking in the glory that is 8.0, you'll be over the moon to know that V8.1 has just been released and it's packed with enhancements to make your WebEOC experience even better.


Keep up to date with notifications with this new visual alert

You'll know as soon as a notification is received with the new Notification Indicator. The Home tab now automatically changes colour and a star icon is displayed next to it when an alert is received.


Reduce board building time: copy and paste (kind of)

You no longer have to waste precious minutes building brand new boards with complex filters that already exist in other boards. With the new Copy option, you can copy any board view including filters and settings and then amend as you wish. Easy as!


Keep that filter clear!

When searching in any Filter field, across all areas of Administration, you can now use the new Clear button to remove content, allowing you to enter new search criteria or key terms in a non-cluttered environment.

webeoc-8.1Go in depth with Incident Manager

You can now include additional information on an incident in the Edit Incident page as well as the Active and Inactive Incidents list views with the new Comments field. Simply open an incident from any Incident page, enter your notes into the Comments field and voila! Your comments will then appear in the Incidents tab.

webeoc-8.1User-friendly drop-down lists

Designed to better guide users when they're selecting options from a list, Administrators can now set up and display default text in drop-down lists.

webeoc-8.1It's easy as ABC

All items listed in any control panel menu throughout WebEOC are now automatically sorted alphabetically by their label, making things a lot easier to find!

Get specific with added filters

The new Sublist Support option is here to enhance your filtering capabilities when using the <filterlistdropdown> tag. For example, if you filter a list by country, a new drop-down field will open up, allowing you to also filter by state. If you select a state, a new drop-down field will then become available allowing you to further narrow your results by selecting a city within that state.

Create labels that are report-friendly and easily identifiable

Use the new Label attribute in a board's input view to personalise and differentiate field names in reports generated from Reporter. When a label is defined, field names no longer display, ensuring report fields are easy to identify and unique.

webeoc-8.1Seamless delivery of localised strings

You can now translate WebEOC into different languages without an Intermedix product update.You can also update your WebEOC versions without losing customised localisation attributes or features.

But wait! There's more! You can now also easily add strings to your directory and your WebEOC platform will instantly reflect the localisation. This means less time and no more tedious work! Plus, you can rest assured knowing that you'll always be using the most recent version of WebEOC.

Using Fusion? See all your boards in one location

Boards published over WebEOC Fusion will now be visible in the Control Panel menu under the Boards section. Fusion boards are easily distinguished from regular boards by a lightning bolt icon - if the Fusion board is online the icon is grey, if the board is offline the icon is red. You can also hover over the lightning bolt to see a tooltip with that board's Fusion Server details. 


Say hello to better tab management, control panel navigation, and date selection

Working with multiple tabs? You can now drag and drop them, re-ordering as needed. Control panel navigation is more user-friendly too. If you're using extended control panel menus - a scroll bar has been added to the menu itself so you can quickly see and navigate to any option within the panel. Also added to the list of improvements is a calendar format that is better aligned to the modern style of the rest of your WebEOC. 

webeoc-8.1New Menu Assignment Report

In the Menus subtab of the Process tab, you can now generate a report that lists all groups assigned to a specific menu.

webeoc-8.1Don't need that PAC anymore? Delete it

Once generated, a Position Access Code (PAC) associated with a position can now easily be deleted with the click of a button.

The Messages plugin just got a whole lot better

It's tiresome (and easier to make mistakes) using the Ctrl key to add multiple users, groups, or positions to a message. With the introduction of check boxes, you can now add as many of the these entities as needed simply by ticking the associated check boxes. You can also filter the lists of users, positions, and groups. You'll find that the recipient selection process is now much faster and less problematic than before.


These new functions also give Administrators more control - you'll have the option to disable the tabs that users can select when choosing message recipients, meaning that messages are only going to the recipients relevant to each user. From the General subtab of the Systems tab, you can remove any combination of these sections as needed.  

webeoc-8.1Better flexibility around accounts, registration, and passwords

There's no risk of user error anymore, the chance of accidentally deleting your account from the system while operating WebEOC is now gone - Administrators can no longer delete the user account they're currently logged into.

Self-registration and reseting passwords are also a whole lot easier. WebEOC Administrators can now decide whether they want users to self-register, have the ability to reset their own password, or both within the General subtab of the System tab. With these two options no longer combined, there's now a lot more flexibility.


Those enhancements all sound pretty great, right? If you're keen on upgrading to WebEOC V8.1 or want to know more about what it has to offer, we're here to help.

Find out more about upgrading to WebEOC v8

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