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Business Continuity - It doesn’t have to be this way

Posted by Mary Sue Critchlow on 04-Aug-2014 15:25:47

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I’ve read this week that “almost 75% of users have never used their recovery plan at the time of test or disaster” (source: Sungard Availability Services).  Why is that?  Is it because people perceive that their company’s plans are out-of-date, difficult to access and a challenge to follow, so they are resigned to feel their way through an incident or test?

I’ve also learned that 47% of respondents to the 2014 Continuity Central Business Continuity Software Survey report that they don’t use specialist BC software (I assume they operate within the limitations of Word or Excel).

Well, 2014 heralds a new era for BCP, with clever, intuitive, “Facebook easy” BC planning tools from SungardAS, delivered via software-as-a-service – and this ensures the content in your plans is current, accurate and relevant through integration with other key systems, such as HR systems.  Ta da!

Have a look at the SungardAS solution brief “Is data sprawl blocking your business continuity?” to learn how you can change these statistics – and get in touch with us, if want to explore this further.

Is data sprawl blocking your business continuity?

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