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WhoIsWhere is New Zealand’s most accurate location-enabled business-to-business database.  With the WhoisWhere business list, generate b2b leads, reach target markets with precision and improve campaign effectiveness.

Customer data is typically changing at a staggering rate of 2% per month. This can equate to hundreds of misdirected or lost communications each year, wasted marketing budget and lost sales opportunities. Use WhoIsWhere for improving return on your marketing investment including:

  • Find more prospects and b2b leads
  • Waste less money on returned mail
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Improve campaign response rates
  • Personalise marketing initiatives
  • Target specific industry sectors
  • Enhance your existing database

WhoIsWhere Dataset Features

With WhoisWhere, you can create a targeted list by location, industry or size.

Able to be segmented by 50 retail categories, the WhoIsWhere business-to-business dataset includes 100,000 businesses in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and North Island cities.

Access any or all of the following information to support your marketing programme: business name, address, postcode, phone number, website, fax number, contact name, industry or main activity or number of staff.  Email addresses are available for some businesses.

WhoisWhere data is gathered and maintained three times each year, so the comprehensive update and monitoring service ensures that out-dated and incorrect data is replaced with current data, which will significantly increase your campaign effectiveness.


Download the WhoIsWhere datasheet.


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