NationalMap Modules

As well as the base dataset, NationalMap offers a variety of specialist add-on modules to allow more comprehensive and in-depth display and analysis.

Routing Module

For the estimation of journey times, fleet management, optimal routing and delivery efficiency, Critchlow offers a routing module to NationalMap enabling you to streamline your logistics operations.

Use the Routing GIS dataset in combination with your own fleet and destination data to:

  • Estimate total journey time along any route
  • Easy calculations to see if drivers have been speeding or exceeding compulsory drive/rest regulations
  • Plan optimal routes
  • Divert around impassable obstructions (bridge weights, widths or heights etc)
  • Understand traffic light locations so that weighted times may be used to calculate journeys
  • Know where turn restrictions exist which restrict traffic movements
  • Visualise routing around one-way systems
  • Combine with your own data for more powerful analysis
  • Work with Critchlow to provide a tailor-made routing solution for your company
  • Experience added value with the legal speed limit information according to the bylaws for the entire country accurately mapped to the road centreline.

Critchlow is also an authorised reseller of world-leading HERE® Map data, which includes specialist datasets for heavy transport routing.  Contact us for more information.

Cadastre Modules

Interested in analysing land use, property ownership, alteration to legal parcel boundaries or improved representation of rates information? Critchlow has the right type of cadastral product to suit your needs.
Available in three levels of detail, Critchlow make cadastral land information easy-to-use and accessible. You get the right level of information and only pay for what you need.

  • Cadastre View

Basic entry level options for the display and analysis of land parcels and address points.

  • Cadastre Owner

Intermediate level option for the display and analysis of land parcels, address points, and owner information which can be tied back to the mortgages data and census products.

  • Cadastre Comprehensive (primarily for Local Government)

Advanced level option allowing for the complete analysis of information held in the Landonline submission system including property boundaries, easements, addresses, ownership details, legal road corridors, hydro parcels, private and public rights of way.

Mortgages Module

Essential for mortgage brokers, financial organisations and other property professionals requiring access to mortgage details of properties for customer profiling and targeted marketing activities.

The module provides up-to-date access to mortgage information for properties in New Zealand, including the ability to view mortgage and encumbrancee (name of financial institution) information for a property.

Target your marketing:

  • Calculate market shares between financial institutions.
  • Calculate the number of properties in any given area that have a mortgage and who they are lodged with.
  • See when mortgages are being lodged and when they are dropping off; areas of increased borrowing.
  • When combined with Visual Census, use Statistics NZ information to perform advanced demographics analysis.
  • Add in your own data and analysis to provide that extra level of depth.

Elevation Module

Give your data that extra dimension, take it to new heights. The NationalMap elevation module can be used to create a wealth of information for your data, if height is important.

Use this GIS dataset in combination with sophisticated GIS tools to:

  • Manage fleet vehicles up and down hill, empty or full, to make significant fuel savings
  • Analyse gradient and produce 3D modelling of slopes for the purposes of planning
  • Assess slip or flooding risk to different areas
  • Improved representation of information for presentations, graphics and displays
  • Develop comprehensive analytics by incorporating specialist data, such as weather or climate information, vegetation species types, altitude and temperature models, or soils and agricultural information
  • Perform cross-section analysis for planning road or rail links or tunnels
  • Analyse visual impacts of new developments
  • Provide assistance in minimising your ecological and aesthetic impacts on your environment.


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"NationalMap's land owner, legal title and cadastral information are the most valuable to our business. We had an expectation of accuracy, and the data has proven itself in this respect."

Alistair Haszard

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