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In times of crisis, emergency services and managers nationwide can now access the vital data they need, when they need it.


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Whether you're readying yourselves for a known event like a storm or severe flooding; or pulling together resources after an unexpected incident such as an earthquake or widespread fire, having authoritative data available at the click of a button is vital to ensuring your preparedness, response and recovery.

NationalMap’s EM Basemap is an OGC-compliant Web Map Service (WMS) that includes reference data specifically collated for New Zealand’s emergency services and managers. The data content is standardised and consistent across NZ, providing familiarity with the Basemap regardless of the incident or responder locations.


What data is available in the EM Basemap?


Approximate population and occupancy figures for “Fire Suburbs”, Territorial Authorities, Hospitals (Private and Public, with A&E facilities uniquely symbolised), Schools, Retirement Villages, Major Event Centres, and Prisons.


Detailed location data for Fuel Supplies, Supermarkets, Retail Centres, Emergency Services (FENZ/Police/Ambulance), Medical Centres, Early Childhood Centres, Tertiary Campuses, and Rest Homes.


Why WMS?

WMS works in all GIS and spatial viewers; it doesn’t require data or software licensing because it publishes images without transmitting object features, which means you can use it straight away without getting into any legal niceties.

Is there a cost associated with the EM Basemap?

No. Like all NationalMap Basemap services for non-commercial users, this WMS service is provided by Critchlow Ltd at no cost in the interests of making our country more resilient.


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