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NationalMap GIS Data

NationalMap is New Zealand’s premier spatial data and basemaps, providing comprehensive road, address and location information for display and analysis in all common GIS software platforms.

A comprehensive GIS dataset, containing layers of geographic detail (streets, major roads, highways, railways, airports, administrative boundaries, points of interest, schools, parks, natural features and more), NationalMap is widely recognised as the most comprehensive and up-to-date New Zealand GIS map data, and is trusted by local and global companies where accuracy – especially for road information – is critical to their business.

Use NationalMap to:

  • Understand customer and market place demographics
  • Manage geographically based assets, such as networks, facilities, retail stores, branches, people and property
  • Plan logistics and preparing for an emergency response
  • Create highly detailed maps to enhance decision-making
  • Plan sales force and territories
  • Conduct sophisticated and extensive data analysis

Available in any Format

NationalMap is engineered with spatial display and analysis in mind, making it the essential solution for all of your mapping and location-based applications.   NationalMap is available in formats to suit all common GIS software.  No matter what platform your organisation uses – Esri, MapInfo, Integraph (or others) – all GIS users can now benefit from NationalMap’s unparalleled display quality and data accuracy.

More About NationalMap

Learn more about NationalMap data including information about the layers and specialist modules.

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