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HERE Featured Solutions

HERE has created the best maps in the world for 30 years. Formerly known as NAVTEQ and Nokia Location & Commerce, Critchlow partners with HERE to provide a variety of world-class GIS datasets.

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HERE Transport

The first product on the New Zealand market designed specifically for the commercial trucking industry and featuring attributes such as physical and legal restrictions; and warning signs highlighting steep hills, sharp bends and lateral winds. Read the Transport datasheet to find out more about the dataset and the problems it helps solve.

HERE Traffic Patterns

Providing an eco-routing option typically means incorporating factors such as start, stop and acceleration and deceleration sequences into algorithms. HERE Traffic Patterns allows these algorithms to avoid typically-congested roads, reducing these sequences. Significant savings in time, money and fuel are possible incorporating HERE Traffic Patterns into route optimisation planning.

More about HERE Traffic Patterns.

HERE 3D City Models

This product enables applications to display the buildings of entire city areas using the shape and height of buildings.  Data is available for Auckland, Wellington and other metropolitan cities.

HERE Enhanced 3D City Model 

Enhanced 3D City Models is a complete textured 3D model of Auckland including navigable roads, parks, rivers as well as textured buildings to assist planners and others to create applications that give an immersive 3D navigable experience. 


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