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GIS Data

At Critchlow, we offer a range of GIS data. Whatever the project - we've got the GIS data for your visualisation and analysis projects. 

If it's topographical data about New Zealand you need or contextual data - cadastral information, addressess, roads, and much more then consider NationalMap; for demographic data for any area unit or territorial authority in New Zealand, use Critchlow's VisualCensus GIS data. We also offer specialist geospatial data.

Our most frequently requested GIS data is listed on these pages, but if what you're looking for isn't here, please talk to us. There's a good chance we've got what you need, or that we'll be able to source it from our network of national and global partners.



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Need digital map data for New Zealand? We can help. NationalMap offers street-level mapping with unparalleled display quality and data accuracy including addresses, roads, cadastral information and thousands of points of interest.   READ MORE >

Helix Personas

Helix Personas

Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation and data integration tool. Helix Personas combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the New Zealand population into 51 Personas and 7 Communities.   READ MORE >

Critchlow National Address Register (CNAR)



Critchlow National Address Register (CNAR) is New Zealand's most trusted source for aggregated address points linked to roads and place names.

If your business or your customers need to validate, standardise, geocode, and process addresses, CNAR is right for you.   READ MORE >




Don't make decisions based on out-dated Census data. Are the communities that you’re targeting and serving still the same as they were seven years ago?

This updated, improved version of VisualCensus provides a single source for the 2013 Statistics New Zealand Census data.   READ MORE >