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2017 New Zealand Location Intelligence Forum: a recap.

Posted by Caitlin McDougall on 20-Nov-2017 10:09:00

At the end of October we hosted the 2017 New Zealand Location Intelligence Forum in Wellington, alongside our partner Pitney Bowes.

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Pitney Bowes recognised as an ABA100 winner in Software Innovation for MapInfo Pro™ Advanced.

Posted by Caitlin McDougall on 29-Aug-2017 08:00:00

The Australian Business Awards 2017 were held recently, with Pitney Bowes taking home a win in the ABA100 Software Innovation category for MapInfo Pro Advanced.

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What you need to know about MapInfo Pro Licensing and Serial Numbers

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 08-Dec-2015 14:57:55

Upgrading to a newer version of MapInfo? Whether you’re a seasoned MapInfo Pro user or just starting out, knowing a little about MapInfo Pro licensing and serial numbers will make your upgrade as simple as a few clicks. In this post we will cover-off some of the most common questions we get around license (serial numbers) and activation codes for MapInfo Pro.


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Where to find New Zealand Grid data for use in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 12-Nov-2015 10:00:00

MapInfo Pro Advanced v16 is here and it brings super-fast visualisation and analysis of large and highly detailed grid-based spatial data. While the advanced version of MapInfo Pro v16 allows users to convert and create their own grid/raster datasets using the highly performant interpolation algorithms, users of MapInfo Pro v16 can still take advantage of the new MRR data format by converting existing grids into MRR.

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Topics: NZ Geospatial, Raster GIS, MapInfo Pro Advanced, MRR

5 key benefits of the MapInfo MRR file format

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 10-Nov-2015 16:05:31

The size and number of raster datasets available to the GIS professional is growing rapidly. For example, the resolution and coverage of remote sensing platforms increases with every new generation of hardware. The physical number of satellites and other sensing platforms in operation is increasing year on year. Storing, managing, visualising and processing this data has become increasingly challenging for data providers and consumers.

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Topics: GIS, Raster GIS, MapInfo Pro Advanced, MRR

Creating Beautiful Maps Quickly with MapInfo Pro Advanced

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 03-Sep-2015 13:26:37

Previously we wrote about MapInfo Pro Advanced and specifically focused on the performance of the .MRR file format and the 64bit platform. As always, we’ve been busy experimenting with importing and manipulating data using the various tools and we’ve been surprised at how easy and quick it is to create really good looking maps.

The ease comes essentially from the ability to instantly preview and apply colour, sun-shading and highlighting effects to the grid files we’ve been working with. As the rendering is instantaneous it is really easy to apply the little tweaks that can take maps from the so-so to the wow.

In this post we’re going to run through the process that we undertook to build the map that provides the backdrop to the image at the top of this post.

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