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Critchlow add Business Continuity Plan Software to portfolio

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 17-Jun-2014 15:54:00 | 2 minute read


Business continuity planning is something that business leaders recognise they should be doing, but without a tool that is accessible and understandable, most don't bother. That’s why we’ve added a new business continuity plan software-as-a-service offering – Sungard Assurance. As authorised resellers of Sungard Availability Services to New Zealand and Australia, Critchlow’s goal is to reduce user pain points around operational resiliency and compliance and instil a sense of confidence in business outcomes for business leaders and business continuity professionals alike.

Business continuity assurance helps organisations deliver on the core business benefits of disaster recovery and business continuity planning at the time of need:

  • Providing service to customers with less interruption
  • Safeguarding customers and employees before, during and after disaster scenarios
  • Protecting corporate reputation
  • Enhancing shareholder value

Sungard Assurance shifts the focus of business continuity practices from planning alone and extends the focus to outcomes. In this dynamic era, business continuity assurance drives higher levels of engagement in the process and increases confidence in outcomes.

Risk assessment and emergency management go hand-in-hand. We’ve got a proven track record in the emergency management sector serving state, federal and central government agencies here in New Zealand and Australia and the risk management capabilities offered by the Sungard solution suite are a natural extension to our emergency management offering.

Sungard Availability Services have demonstrated leadership over their 30 years history in disaster recovery and business continuity and have worked closely with their customers to perfect Sungard Assurance. In today’s environment, it is expected that more people will be involved in identifying the key vulnerabilities within their organisations and help determine the best actions to mitigate risk or respond to its occurrence and to constantly expect change and evolve plans to suit. It is this “operational” approach to continuity planning that offers confidence and visibility for all stakeholders. Sungard Assurance facilitates this iterative approach to planning.

Business Continuity planning is something that everyone should be doing but without a tool that is accessible and understandable most people don't. If you are serious about business continuity planning read the whitepaper on the 5 Steps for achieving Business Continuity for Everyone.

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To find out more about the Critchlow Sungard AS offer - click here

About SunGard Availability Services

SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. With approximately five million square feet of datacenter and operations space, SunGard Availability Services helps customers improve the resilience of their mission critical systems by designing, implementing and managing cost-effective solutions using people, process and technology to address enterprise IT availability needs.

About Critchlow

Critchlow provide solutions that allow their customers to “See, Understand and Share” information that is critical to their operational success. Specialising in location intelligence, and emergency management solutions they are the exclusive Australasian distributor of emergency management software WebEOC®, which is used by over 650 organisations worldwide.

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