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I'm the Technical Marketing Manager at Critchlow where I'm responsible for all things marketing.
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5 Datasets for Evaluating Retail Site Infrastructure Characteristics

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 01-Jul-2014 16:13:00

Location Intelligence can be used to consider how different characteristics of proposed locations align with the organisation’s business needs. Organisations may classify retail site desirability, based on its centrality and accessibility within a region whose residents share common demographic and behavioural attributes.

Depending on the target market, different infrastructure issues have to be considered. If students are the target market for a retailer, then being close to public transport is essential. If targeting older demographic then good parking options, easy store access and close public transport access would be important. Or perhaps you might be targeting convenience purchasers on their way home from work. The store therefore, should be located on a main thoroughfare.

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Topics: Retail Location Analysis, Retail Network Planning, Location Intelligence, trade area profiling

How can consumer data be used to create market profiles?

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 25-Jun-2014 14:00:00

In such a competitive industry like retail, businesses need to put their customer and transaction data to work – to enhance decision support to gain competitive advantage. It is imperative a business understands the relationships between trade area demographics, customer profiles and competition for prime site selection and business growth. This information in-turn formulates the value of an area for a business’s products and services. With it retailers can generate more accurate site-specific sales forecasts and create a compelling customer acquisition strategy.

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Topics: Retail Location Analysis, Retail Network Planning, Location Intelligence, trade area profiling, Customer Segmentation

How can a trade area be analysed?

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 23-Jun-2014 11:00:00

Trade area analysis has its focus on locating and describing the target market. Analysing the trade area is important to determine the reach of existing and new store locations and if sufficient target customers reside within the trade area. To analyse trade areas, the use of Location Intelligence is essential to effectively model physical trade areas. The accuracy of these models will depend on the number of variables being considered, like customer location, competitors and consumer spend or attitudinal data. 

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Topics: Retail Location Analysis, Retail Network Planning, Location Intelligence, trade area profiling

Why Location is the Most Important Factor in Retail Success

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 18-Jun-2014 15:43:00

Retail is all about relevance: right product, right place, right time, and right price. Of all these factors, it is location which is most fundamental to the success of a bricks and mortar retail business and the use of location intelligence to drive decision making can be the difference between retail success and failure.

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Topics: Retail Location Analysis, Retail Network Planning, Location Intelligence


Posted by Jacob Pescini on 16-Jun-2014 15:27:28

Census is here. Are you ready to harness its power?

Though the primary purpose of the Census is to provide a population count and planning resource for government, in recent times the information collected has been used increasingly by market-focused organisations to enhance their marketing, customer insight and operations functions.

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Topics: Marketing, Critchlow, Data, Census

MapInfo Stratus gets Open

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 18-Jun-2013 00:29:47

Last week the latest release (R38) of MapInfo Stratus has seen (among other improvements) an implementation of WMS client support. A WMS is a standard protocol for serving map images over the Internet. It is a standard developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO). A wide variety of data can be accessed by WMS services made available by Government and other organisations. The Stratus Admin Console supports adding WMS layers as base maps or overlays from both public and secured WMS services. In MapInfo Stratus WMS legends and WMS feature information in call outs will be available.

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Topics: LDS, LINZ, Stratus, Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Pro

NZ Transport Agency aerial imagery

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 25-Sep-2012 22:10:20

The NZ Transport Agency has made its aerial imagery datasets available at Anyone can now easily discover, access and download this imagery in standard formats at little or no cost. This imagery has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

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Topics: NZ Geospatial, Data, Aerial imagery, NZTA, Pitney Bowes Software

Critchlow goes Trans-Tasman

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 22-Aug-2012 00:44:53

Last week marked another important milestone in Critchlow’s rich history of first’s we welcomed our first Australian employee Phil Hanson to the team. After over 20 years working for various Police agencies in counter terrorism and emergency management where he has worked extensively with WebEOC®, Phil has decided to take a new path in his career and as such he is Critchlow’s first Australia based Business Development Manager. Phil is well known in the Emergency Management community being a regular conference speaker where he is regarded as a subject matter expert.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Critchlow and will be based in Perth, WA.

“We are thrilled to announce our first Australian employee! We are really pleased to have secured someone with the calibre and operational experience of Phil Hanson to join our Emergency Management team. Phil’s expertise in procuring, deploying and exercising emergency management solutions will be of real value to our customers and will complement well the significant application and geospatial capability that Critchlow is known for” says Jos Kunnen, Critchlow CEO.

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Topics: WebEOC, Critchlow, Updates

Stratus goes Live for South Waikato DC

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 17-Aug-2012 23:14:29

South Waikato District Council have implemented MapInfo Stratus to provide a simple online mapping tool for public access to Council information for services like water supply, wastewater and the like.

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Topics: Stratus, Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Pro

MapCAD for MapInfo Pro

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 18-Jul-2012 04:43:00

One of the most underused but powerful tool sets in MapInfo Professional are the MapCAD tools. MapCAD is a powerful set of “CAD like” drawing tools that extend the standard MapInfo Professional drawing functionalities to make working with graphical objects even easier.

Since version 9.5 of MapInfo Pro, uses have had access to 40+ for designing and manipulating map objects. With the move to the ribbon interface in v12.5 The MapCAD tools were revised and integrated into the default ribbon tabs when the tool is run. 

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Topics: Tools, Data, Drawing, Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Pro

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