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FME, Sensors and Complex Event Processing

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 23-Apr-2012 08:33:06

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The guys at Safe Software have identified “sensor” technology and the effective processing of “real-time data streams” as one of the next big thing in the data processing domain …

The provisioning of sensors and the thirst for timely information is increasing at an exponential rate.  Today we typically think about sensors in the environmental context (radiation, temperature, air quality, humidity, etc.), but potentially any real-time data feed can be conceived of as a sensor - including crowdsourcing notifications in emergency management space i.e a Tweet.

Pachube (pronounced “patch-bay”) does for sensor data what Twitter does for txt messaging – think of Pachube as the twitter of the sensor world.

For Critchlow, Pachube is interesting because sensor notifications can be coupled with FME Servers’ “Subscriber/Notification Services” to invoke an FME Workbench process that creates an outcome.

For example, A vineyard in Marlborough might have frost sensors; pachube pushes alerts to FME Server when temperature drop below a level dangerous to the grape harvest; this invokes an FME Server process that generates a map of the affected area and notifies a local helicopter pilot that his services are require to change the temperature gradient over this part of the vineyard (moving the air via helicopter down-drafts dissipates changes the tempetaure gradient in the air column).

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